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islamWiki is not a place for debates[edit]

islamWiki is not a place for holding ideological battles, proving your interpretations or disproving others'. Note down the evidence used for a particular interpretation or viewpoint and include a few explanatory sentences, but do not get involved in rhetorically heavy and opinionated content.

For articles related to islamWiki's Category:Counter argument, in order to preempt islamWiki from getting involved in a vicious perpetual cycle of rhetorically heavy arguments and counter arguments in their response (meant solely for the purpose of disproving or disparaging others), while there can be article pages summarizing the counter arguments to Islam critical (or anti-Islamist) content, due to the fact that several effective alternative platforms already exist, islamWiki is not the place for Islam critical/anti-Islamist articles on a similar level. However, it is encouraged at this point (hopefully, a policy in the future) to include all the reliable evidence used by the critics/anti-Islamists on a separate "Evidence" sub-page of each Category:Counter argument article.

Similarly, although rhetoric is discouraged on islamWiki, but for articles in Category:Counter argument, some limited amount shall be tolerated as long as it is needed to make a valid argument and is not misleading, fallacious or unproductive. This allowance is because such articles are in response to content which is itself, often times, rhetorically heavy and ostentatious.