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This Project page is based on an external Wikipedia:Project:Tutorial/Editing page, in accordance with Wikipedia's copyright and reuse policies.
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There are two methods presently available for making edits: classic editing through wiki markup (wikitext) and through a new VisualEditor (VE). For wikitext editing check out Wikipedia's short tutorial.

Because of hosting issues VisualEditor will not always work, therefore wikitext editing is the recommended way of making edits on this Wiki.

To practice editing, go to the sandbox, and click the Edit tab. After a few seconds, the VisualEditor will load and then you can type in something, or make changes to any of the already present text. Click the Save button to have your edits saved.


  • If you encounter a loss of session data error, this is usually fixed by just saving the page again.
    MediaWiki error on attempting to submit an edit after having the edit window open for a long time.
  • If for some reason after making edits and on clicking the save page button, the website crashes and you find yourself on an error page fearful that all your hard work has been lost, just browse back to the previous page (Keyboard shortcut ← Backspace) and your edits should still be present there. Try to save the page again, but in the event the issue persists, either keep the browser window open (as the issue will get fixed at some point), or save your work in another online or offline document and open a topic at support.
  • VE on this site, suffers from some performance issues mentioned here and the service, at this time, is not implemented on Talk pages.
  • While most of these issues are likely to have little effect on most edits, but in case all this happens to be too much for you, you can simply e-mail us your written document ( and we will incorporate it into the Wiki.

Edit tab

Normally editing is chosen by clicking the Edit tab at the top of a Wiki page (or on a section-edit link). This will take you to a new page with a text box containing the editable text of the page you were viewing. In this box, you can type in the text that you want to add, using wiki markup to format the text and add other elements like images and tables that are explained later in this tutorial.

Edit summary

It is considered good etiquette to enter an explanation of your changes in the Edit summary box. It is okay for your explanation to be quite short. For example, if you are making a spelling correction, you might just type "typo." Also, if the change you have made to a page is minor, such as correcting a spelling or grammar error, check the box "This is a minor edit" (box available only if you have logged in).

For more information, see Help:Edit summary

Show preview

Second, you should always use the Show preview button. After you have entered a change in the edit box, click the Show preview button instead of Save page. This lets you see what the page will look like after your edit, before you actually save. We all make mistakes; this feature helps you catch them before other people see them. This also lets you try format changes and other edits without cluttering up the page history.

The "Show preview" button is right next to the "save page" button and below the edit summary field.
For more information, see Help:Show preview

Save the page

Provided an edit summary? Previewed the page? Then you are ready for the final step: Click the Save page button.

Media files

Images, sounds and videos enhance articles greatly. A file that is already hosted on this Wiki or the Wikimedia Commons can be inserted with the basic code "[[File:FILENAME|thumb|DESCRIPTION]]". ("Image:" can be substituted for "File:" with no change in effect; the choice between the two is purely a matter of editorial preference.) Using "thumb" generates a thumbnail of an image (the most common placement option), which is typically sized differently from the original image. Several options can affect a thumbnail's placement and size, and there are other methods for placing images not in a thumbnail format, such as in a frame, table or "infobox", which this summary page will not delve into.

Users who are at-least autoconfirmed (i.e. accounts that are at-least 4 days old and have made at-least 10 edits) can upload files under an appropriate title. If you cannot wait that long, make the request on support. The first step in uploading a file is to determine its copyright status.

For more details on how to insert pictures into articles, see Wikipedia:Picture tutorial
For more details on how to upload files, see Help:Introduction to uploading images/1

Renaming articles

The move option in the Vector skin appears when you move your mouse cursor over the small drop-down menu, shown here.

If you find an article that you believe is misnamed, please do not copy and paste the contents of the old article into a new article — among other things, it separates the previous contributions from their edit history (which are needed to keep track of, for copyright reasons). The preferred method is to move the page to the new name (you need to be registered to be able to do that). If it is your first move, please read the warnings on the move page carefully, as there are a number of issues to consider before moving a page.

For more information, see Help:Moving a page

Creating articles

Before creating a new article, just make sure that the subject you want to write about does not already exist.

  • You can do this by typing a search term in the search box which is present on the top right corner of every page.
  • It can also be done by going through a list of all pages on this Wiki, this method can become cumbersome in case the Wiki hosts a large number of articles.
  • Another method to do this, is to just go to the talk page of a Wiki administrator (like WikiSysop's talk page) and ask them or put your question at Support.

In case you don't want to go through this, you can still create new articles and if it is later found that an article on that topic already exists, the new content can easily be merged into the old article. This process, however, might result in wastage of efforts if two different authors choose to write about the same topics using the same information.

  • In order to not waste time re-inventing the wheel, it is also recommended to first see whether English Wikipedia already has an adequate article on the topic or not by using Wikipedia search.

Protected pages

Some pages are protected from editing. These pages have a View source tab instead of an Edit tab. You can still edit these pages indirectly, by asking one of the administrators on their talk pages (like WikiSysop's talk page).

Getting reverted

If you ever make a change that gets reverted by another editor, discuss the change on the talk page! The BOLD, revert, discuss cycle is a popular method of reaching consensus, and may be useful for identifying objections, keeping discussion moving forward and helping to break deadlocks.

For more information, see Wikipedia:Reverting



VisualEditor is a way to edit pages without needing to learn wikitext markup. It works more like a word processing application and is only available to registered, logged-in editors who have opted in.

For more information, see Help:Introduction to editing (VE)/1
For more information, see Help:Introduction to images (VE)/1
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