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  • - A search engine limited to Islam-related websites run primarily by Muslims in order to expedite effortless research into the subject.


This search uses Google Custom Search engine.

Site inclusion[edit]

For the inclusion of additional websites, add them to the Websites page. The addition will then be manually included in the Google search index by the staff.



Other relevant search engines[edit]

  • IslamSearch - Search box might get blocked and hidden by particular privacy protection browser extensions. In these instances, such extensions will need to be temporarily disabled or their rules modified.
  • Muslims Search Engine

Other relevant indexing engines[edit]


Import of Dynamically Extracted Links for Google CSE (search.islamWiki).JPG

Originally the method implemented for indexing relevant websites was to include all websites on a Wiki page and let the search engine dynamically extract links from it. However, on May 24th, 2017 the feature to “Dynamically extract links from this page” was turned off by Google (announced on February 16, 2017). This method was chosen for being more convenient for collaboration efforts in expanding the search engine. A test search index which included all websites individually into the search engine directly was also made online. As the two methods didn't always work identically, users were also requested to try the alternative search index and comment about their experiences on the Talk page.


The site was inspired from Searching Islam (Archived, Contact, Submission) which has been offline at least since 23rd, April 2017. Previously, the site's centre logo included part of Everaldo Coelho's Crystal Project viewmag and is inspired by Google logo's colour scheme.