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This page details some of the limitations for islamWiki due to primarily financial and some technical constraints.

  • The site will have sluggish load times, especially while using HTTPS. Therefore, it is possible that it might, in the future, be done away with on pages other than account creation and user login. However, due to security concerns, this is very unlikely.


  • The latest version of Extension:Cirrussearch (MediaWiki implementation of Elasticsearch) is unable to be set up. However, an older version is enabled for the time being. Due to financial constraints, Wiki search using Elasticsearch was discontinued in September 2017. This was a source of multiple search engine features.
  • By default, search through Elasticsearch apparently searches and shows results for only the parsed text (like the displayed string for URLs, instead of the URL string) while search through default MediaWiki search shows results in wikitext format, which can be somewhat confusing not to mention unaesthetic.
  • Alternatives are Extension:SphinxSearch (also financially problematic) and Extension:GoogleSiteSearch (example implementation).

Visual Editor[edit]

For editing large articles VisualEditor (VE) is very likely to not work. This is because of the huge load that is put on the server resources while opening up the article in VE.

Besides this, VE may experience some performance issues such as:

  • Slow loading.
  • At times when VE hasn't been used by any user for some time, it will take longer to load the first time around. It may even not work on the first few tries, giving errors. In such cases, the user will need to reload the browser and try again. Note that VE also affects Flow pages such as islamWiki:Support.
  • If enough people start using VE that it gets around continuous 24 hours usage, due to financial limitations it will stop functioning for the last week of the month.
  • The Citoid service needed for the automatic creation of citations through URLs or DOIs in VE cannot be implemented on the current host.

Cache through Content Delivery Networks (CDN)[edit]

There are basically three primary methods available to use CDNs for MediaWiki: Squid caching (possible only with a significant increase in hosting cost), Varnish caching (possible with more than 4x increase in cost) and CloudFlare (free but ultimately problematic).