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Miscellaneous Notes[edit]

  • The language codes for Extension:Babel (the language box shown on the right above) are located at Names.php.
  • After including citations in articles, you might see a red-linked "Category:CS1 maint: Date and year" added at the end of the displayed article. This occurs sometimes when both |date= and |year= parameters are used. To get rid of this, edit source of the article and search ( Ctrl+ F ) for |year= and remove its instances.
  • Template:Extended content includes the class print-article-extendedcontent (defined in MediaWiki:Print.css) which makes the text included using this template, render with a slightly lighter shade of gray colour when printing. This is done to keep the main focus primarily on the main points and content of the article. If there is ever a popular demand to remove this eccentricity, it can be done by making use of $wgAllowUserCss, which for the time being is not yet enabled. This can be disabled by enabling the Print-extended-content-no-colour-change gadget from a user's Gadgets section in their preferences menu.