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* [[mw:Extension:Theme|Extension:Theme]] - Allowing users to employ sustomized vesions of specific skins i.e. themes for themselves.
* [[mw:Extension:Theme|Extension:Theme]] - Allowing users to employ sustomized vesions of specific skins i.e. themes for themselves.
* [https://wikirouge.net/Accueil Wikirouge] - Interesting [https://wikirouge.net/MediaWiki:Vector.css customizations] to [[mw:Skin:Vector|Skin:Vector]], primarily constituting of the change of theme-colour (from Blue to Red) and the inclusion of icons in the sidebar. Customizations done by Wikirouge's administrator [https://wikirouge.net/Utilisateur:Varlin User: Varlin].
* [https://wikirouge.net/Accueil Wikirouge] - Interesting [https://wikirouge.net/MediaWiki:Vector.css customizations] to [[mw:Skin:Vector|Skin:Vector]], primarily constituting of the change of theme-colour (from Blue to Red) and the inclusion of icons in the sidebar. Customizations done by Wikirouge's administrator [https://wikirouge.net/Utilisateur:Varlin User: Varlin].
* Coasterpedia's [https://coasterpedia.net/wiki/MediaWiki:Refreshed.css green customizations] for [[mw:Skin:Refreshed]].
* [http://m59wiki.webmaus.net/index.php/Main_Page M59Wiki] [http://m59wiki.webmaus.net/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Common.css customizations] for Skin:Vector.
* [http://m59wiki.webmaus.net/index.php/Main_Page M59Wiki] [http://m59wiki.webmaus.net/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Common.css customizations] for Skin:Vector.
* [http://wikimusic.eu/Especial:P%C3%A1ginasEspeciales Wikimusic.eu]. Don't know how to make it.
* [http://wikimusic.eu/Especial:P%C3%A1ginasEspeciales Wikimusic.eu]. Don't know how to make it.

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Interesting Extensions[edit]

Discussion about these extensions by the community on whether these extensions should be included or not are welcome and encouraged.

  • Possibly useful discussion regarding enabling VisualEditor as the default editor for new pages.
  • The WYSIWYG extension provides more intuitive page editing on a MediaWiki-based site. When this extension is installed, the tab 'Edit' in the command bar on top of every page leads directly in the WYSIWYG editing mode.
  • Part of BlueSpice MediaWiki distribution.
  • Latest available release by up-to May, 2017 was for MediaWiki v1.27 even though the latest stable release had reached upto v1.28.2.
  • Does not appear to have citation specific button.
  • Does not flawlessly integrate with the Vector skin.
 require_once( "$IP/extensions/BlueSpiceFoundation/BlueSpiceFoundation.php" );
 require_once( "$IP/extensions/BlueSpiceExtensions/VisualEditor/VisualEditor.setup.php" );
 require_once( "$IP/extensions/BlueSpiceExtensions/ExtendedEditBar/ExtendedEditBar.setup.php" );
 require_once( "$IP/extensions/BlueSpiceExtensions/InsertFile/InsertFile.setup.php" );
 require_once( "$IP/extensions/BlueSpiceExtensions/InsertMagic/InsertMagic.setup.php" );
 require_once( "$IP/extensions/BlueSpiceExtensions/InsertCategory/InsertCategory.setup.php" );
  • The NewArticleTemplate extension allows to automatically prefill text of new pages with the contents of other predefined wiki-pages. It is possible to distinguish between namespaces and specify a different text for new subpages.
  • Personal notes: This can be used to have top notice boxes already inserted for pages belonging to a particular group. But I (WikiSysop (talk)) think it would be better to use bots for this purpose.
  • The Popups extension displays "hovercards" − popups with summaries of article contents when the user hovers over an article link.
  • Moodbar is an experimental feature aimed at getting quick feedback on the editing experience of new editors.
  • Personal notes: If I remember correctly, it was found that not many people went to the trouble of providing feedback.
  • Its project page.
  • The New User Email Notification extension sends a customisable email to specified recipients when a new user account is created. The extension can send to multiple users, and additional email addresses, and is useful for keeping track of account creation on a small wiki.
  • The SocialProfile extension incorporates a social profile, user board, and basic profile information into MediaWiki, specifically avatars, friending, foeing, user board, board blast, basic profile information, user levels rank system, awards and gifts. The package also notifies users via email when other users request them as a friend or foe and/or sends them a message.

Personal notes:

  • Allows private messages. Unlike Extension:MediaWikiChat, the target user does not have to be on the Special:Chat page for this to work. Forum extensions might also be able to do this, though apparently not mw:Extension:WikiForum
  • Allows creation of rules to "level up" users, by giving them points for various tasks that they perform. Presently, it counts the number of edits meaning, a user writing a complete article in a single edit and another user just making a minor edit would probably have the same points. In any case, this is really important in order to motivate people to contribute.
  • Replaces default user page. I (WikiSysop (talk)) would rather, it be left alone.
  • Aside from the first two points, there does not appear to be much use for it.
  • Spent some hours trying to keep the original user page, but was unsuccessful.
  • The users will have to decide whether they want this extension or not.
  • Example of a wiki using SocialProfile, and that Wiki's Help page for it.
  • Another example.

Makes the talk area work like a threaded process, including auto tagging and reply processing.

FeaturedFeeds is an extension that creates daily feeds (Atom or RSS) of wiki's featured content (ranging from Featured Articles to Media of the Day). The feeds are added to site's main page and are available via the API.

Personal Note: Extension in the event this Wiki becomes popular or prolific enough to produce daily updates for articles.

The ImageMap extension allows clickable image maps. An image map is a list of coordinates in a specific image, which hyperlinks areas of the image to multiple destinations (in contrast to a normal image link, in which the entire area of the image links to a single destination). For example, a map of the world may have each country hyperlinked to further information about that country. The intention of an image map is to provide an easy way of linking various parts of an image without dividing the image into separate image files.
Instructions on how to use it: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-the-MediaWiki-ImageMap-Extension

  • The MassMessage extension allows a user to send a message to a list of pages via special page Special:MassMessage.

Also used in MediaWiki and Wikipedia.

The Tabs extension makes it possible to insert tab menus, dropdown menus, and collapsible boxes into any page, using the <tabs> and <tab> tags, or the {{#tab:}} parser function.

The AddThis extension adds an AddThis widget to the sidebar and the upper right corner of articles - just below the article's title and the site's tagline. This allows you to have things like Facebook's "Like" or "Recommend" button, a button for Tweeting, Google +'ing, etc.
Possibly Better Instructions: Mediawiki site building tips (Ubuntuguide.org)

  • FanBoxes extension adds a new way of creating and using userboxes, based on special pages. When installed, three new special pages will be added: Special:UserBoxes (to create new userboxes), Special:TopUserBoxes (to view most popular ones) and Special:ViewUserBoxes (to view all userboxes). It also adds <userboxes> and <fan> parser hooks (TODO: document). Both of these parser hooks disable parser cache.
  • Requires, Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI), haven't checked how to install it.


The JavascriptSlideshow extension creates a slideshow which can:
Create a "rotating" slideshow (i.e. one that changes from one picture to another)
Create stop-action animation from multiple images or multiple pieces of text
Possibly Better Instructions: Extension:JavascriptSlideshow (Inmotionhosting Support)

The RandomSelection extension allows for randomly-generated content inside your wiki; e.g. rotating images, random greetings, etc.
More Details: Extension:RandomSelection

Personal Note: This is in comparison with "Extension:JavascriptSlideshow", will have to decide which one would be better suited.


Online Chat[edit]

  • GosuChat is, for the moment, the top recommended chat platform. Implemented here.

Chat with Visitors[edit]

Tawk appears to be the best option I've come across. The other free options are limited to one "seat" which apparently means that one one "agent" (the person who will chat to the visitor) will be able to remain logged in at one time.

Chat between Users[edit]

Checked out 10 different MediaWiki chat extensions from here (by WikiSysop (talk) 12:03, 5 April 2016 (EDT)). Following are the only real possibilities:

Provides a lightweight chat client and server for MediaWiki, accessed through Special:Chat.

  • Private messages. - Supports smileys, wikitext, blocking users (apparently by administrators). - Show "online users module in the sidebar" (for some skins).
  • Load users' avatars from SocialProfile. - At the moment (April, 2016), there are some bugs regarding chatting with anonymous users.

Adds a special page used to chat in real time with other wiki users using a web-based IRC client. Once installed, it will be available via "Special:WebChat". Example: PortlandWiki Chat.

  • No private messaging. - When last time checked (10 April 2016), default settings did not seem to work for the PortlandWiki Chat.
  • Extension:Chat, Note: The extension itself is no longer maintained, therefore, it is best to not use it. Extension archived.


Regarding images, in case they become too much of a resource burden there is the option to embed them through photo sharing sites like Google Photos.

  • Will allow all external images to be embedded which will make vandalism easier.
  • Will allow all images from one image-hosting service to be embedded which can still be used for vandalism.
  • It will use white-listed regular expressions to match the image-link that will be allowed to be shown on the Wiki.
  • These methods will create problems for including copyright information for images.



  • Use Extension:Wikilog. Example blog: wiki.4intra.net Blog. In most of the examples, there is no edit link for sections of the blog posts. Only one example has such links which is problematic for the purpose of blogs, if anyone can edit blog posts. Articles are for this purpose, not blog posts.
  • Alternatively, a separate blog page can be created, as a sub-domain which will give much more flexibility in creating aesthetically better themes.
  • Extension:BlogPage - Example blog
  • Notes: Better to use Extension:Wikilog.



The WikidataPageBanner extension adds pagewide banners on every page of specified namespaces of the wiki. Pagewide banners are extensively used on Wikivoyage projects.



  • To create annotations like the ones at Hypothes.is shown in this screenshot.
  • This will allow for better sentence-level critique of articles. This functionality is talked about at Hypothes.is' about page. The goal would be to create individual pages (possibly with the namespace "Critique") for criticizing pages.
  • The tool is available at Annotator
  • If implemented the plug-in richText-annotator would be useful.
  • It seems extremely difficult to create an experience as shown in the screenshot. Don't see how it could be easy to do this, without a browser installed extension.


For Authors' Personal Spaces[edit]

body.ns-14 #content {
 background-color: #F8FCFF;
  • Through MediaWiki:Common.css or MediaWiki:Vector.css, changes can be limited to single pages (say page "Foo"):
body.page-Foo {
 font-size: 16px;

The following is pretty much theoretical at this point, it is not even certain whether this is even possible on MediaWiki or not.

In the event that, it becomes possible to implement individual skins for each users' individual pages. That is, overall, the Wiki remains the same, but users have the choice to implement individual themes or skin designs for pages that come in their namespaces. The following skins from MediaWiki skins might be interesting for this purpose:

.CSS modifications[edit]

Statistics tools[edit]

Possible Inspirations[edit]