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The technical section of under the hood is used to discuss technical issues about islamWiki.
  • Proposed changes to the underlying software are present at proposals.

Is this good or bad idea?[edit]

Hello everyone

Would it be a good idea if we could make our own Application called IslamWiki so people can easily access it without using Internet? Because, personally I find it annoying and disturbing for me to go all the time on Internet and search for for me to be again active.

I have found some people who have become Muslims and some of exmuslims have become Muslims again. So, I was thinking of making a section called "testimonials" for people who have come back to Islam and for converting to Islam just like that hypocriticial website named wikiislam have. Also, I'm thinking if we could have the following sections for this beautiful Wikipedia such as "History", "Science", "Shariah" and "Comparative Religions".


1. History= to talk about history of Muslims like Banu Qurayza, Madinah, Quraysh, Golden Age etc..

2. Science= to talk about scientific miracles of The Glorious Quran

3. Shariah= to talk about what is halal and haram in Islam, and what are capital punishments for each major crime.

4. Comparative Religion= for non-Muslims who want to contribute and edit, so they can express their opinions and views of Islam only

5. Shia Islam= for Shias who want to be contributers and editors of Islamwiki

6. Ahmadi Islam= for those who want to be contributors and editors of IslamWIki

7. Quranists= for those Quranists who wants to be contributor and editor of IslamWiki

8. Sufi Islam= for those Sufis who want to be contributors and editors of IslamWiki

What you guys think of this idea?

P.S. I forgot to mention that I would like for this Wikipedia to allow Muslims from all branches of Islam to be contributors and editors of IslamWiki but those who aren't Muslims, they are to be kicked out, because they do not know Islam.