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These pages have been compiled to serve as a brief tutorial for contributing on this Wiki. As a new contributor, perhaps the most important thing to remember is to be bold (unless you are a vandal or spammer, that is) when considering making edits. Edits you make are almost impossible to result in any change that could break this Wiki. Don't be shy to include even poorly written articles, perfection is not necessary as due to the collaborative editing process, these humble first drafts can, in time, take the form of exceptional articles.

Because of the fact, that this site is heavily inspired by the English Wikipedia, it is endeavoured to have many of its policies and guidelines mirrored here too. The primary objective of this Wiki is to create articles, which compile all the relevant information in one central location. To find out which type of articles are of principal importance here, check out islamWiki's about page and What islamWiki is not. To make sure, the information provided in an article is trustworthy, it should be cited using reliable sources. At the moment, islamWiki does not have many well-defined rules, it is just more practical to make judgements based on your common sense.

As Islamic tradition is incredibly vast, with its multiple viewpoints and on some matters huge difference of opinions, it is highly recommended that all significant viewpoints are represented. islamWiki does not expect the editors to not have an opinion about matters related to Islam, especially if they are Muslims, or to regard one particular viewpoint as closer to the actual precepts of Islam as compared to others; but it is expected that the authors will not ignore completely, the other viewpoints. In such cases, it is more productive to provide evidence that other learned Muslim scholars have given criticising those points of view. Many scholars have come to different conclusions using, as their primary evidence, the exact same sources. Document the evidence and reasoning used by these scholars and let the readers reach their own conclusions on which scholarly opinion appears to be nearest to the correct understanding of Islam.

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