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  • This Wiki has no formal or informal links with Wikipedia and its parent body, the Wikimedia Foundation. Most design similarities are due to the fact that this site, similar to many other Wikis on the internet, uses the same platform as Wikipedia, namely MediaWiki.
  • It has come to attention that this site, because of the similarity of names, has in some cases been incorrectly identified with other websites. Although in the beginning, site creator(s) either didn't even recognize the similarity or quite underestimated the possibility of future confusion due to it, but as time passed the possible mistaken identities issue became apparent. Because of the reputation of other similarly named websites, it was believed that this similarity will actually cause readers to be even more critical of the content. However, in at-least one instance, it was observed that the mistaken identity caused the reader to be, in contradiction, more readily accepting of it. Therefore, aside from reminding the readers that content shouldn't be blindly accepted and remain uncritiqued merely due to its source's reputation, it is also explicitly mentioned here that islamWiki has, at the time of this writing, no formal (or even informal) links to any other websites available on the internet.
  • At-least for the time being, due to quite limited involvement of individuals in the creation of islamWiki content and even more limited diversity of backgrounds for such individuals, the content and arguments expressed here, should not be blindly trusted for their impartiality.
  • All articles on islamWiki are works in progress, therefore no guarantee for completeness or accuracy is provided.


  • Unless stated in some other manner, pages inspired by Wikimedia Foundation code/work are compiled in the Category:Pages inspired by Wikimedia code which is a hidden category. Additionally, some system messages listed here are also inspired in a similar fashion.
  • All pages in namespace Module are inspired by Wikimedia code. They are usually in an absolute unmodified form; by July 2017, the only imported module which had gone through some modification was Module:Protection banner/config.
  • These pages are reused, with or without additional modification, in accordance with Wikimedia Projects' more general (sometimes even outdated) and the English Wikipedia's more specific reuse policies.
  • Wikimedia Commons media files are embedded in accordance with its license requirements by using the InstantCommons reuse method.