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Creating articles

Before creating a new article, just make sure that the subject you want to write about does not already exist.

  • You can do this by typing a search term in the search box which is present on the top right corner of every page.
  • It can also be done by going through a list of all pages on this Wiki, this method can become cumbersome in case the Wiki hosts a large number of articles.
  • Another method to do this, is to just go to the talk page of a Wiki administrator (like WikiSysop's talk page) and ask them or put your question at Support.

In case you don't want to go through this, you can still create new articles and if it is later found that an article on that topic already exists, the new content can easily be merged into the old article. This process, however, might result in wastage of efforts if two different authors choose to write about the same topics using the same information.

  • In order to not waste time re-inventing the wheel, it is also recommended to first see whether English Wikipedia already has an adequate article on the topic or not by using Wikipedia search.

Check out the following: